Fault Diagnosis Of Automotive Fuel Pump

Date: 2019-11-15 05:11:30        Clicks: 227

The quality of the electric fuel pump is judged:

When the electric fuel pump is damaged, its noise is significantly increased compared with the normal time, and it can be judged by listening to the sound.

Detecting the resistance of the electric fuel pump armature winding resistance, the general resistance is about 10-20Ω. If the resistance value is too large or too small, it indicates that the electric fuel pump armature winding has a short circuit, the brush contact is bad or the circuit is blocked. .

Check the oil delivery of the electric fuel pump: Remove the oil supply pipe of the electric fuel pump, connect the terminal of the electric fuel pump to a voltage of 11.5V or more, and collect the fuel from the oil outlet. The amount of oil in the pump should not be 30 seconds. Less than 0.6 liters, otherwise the pump body is faulty for the safety valve.

The electric fuel pump is an unrepairable part and must be replaced when it is determined to be damaged.

Pofessional Electric Fuel Pump Test Bench

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