Accidents Caused By Performance Fuel Pumps

Date: 2020-11-21        Clicks: 539

Due to the characteristics of the injection pump itself, it is not easily affected by external forces or human operation. As long as regular maintenance and replacement, the incidence of accidents is not high, the high pressure fuel pump itself is quite reliable. So how exactly did this accident caused by the fuel pump happen? Let's go down the article.

Case Brief.

A single plunger high pressure fuel injected car stalled and never restarted 1 hour after replenishing the trunk with spare fuel. After checking that it was a problem with the fuel injection pump a new performance fuel pump was replaced and left with no problem after a 30 minute test run. But the vehicle both stalled again on uphill sections. Later on, the same accident occurred with other normal vehicles after adding spare fuel.


Subsequent findings.

The oil drums containing diesel fuel were filled before it was clear whether they were washed. The diesel fuel emulsifies and deteriorates with the water droplets inside the drum, and the chlorine ions in the detergent react with the oil produced, producing various kinds of gums (sludge). And the intermittent supply of high-pressure performance fuel pump will make the vaporized water boiling rupture, resulting in a local explosion, the local pressure will reach tens of trillion fear, resulting in the instantaneous collapse of the oil supply system.


When clear after the problem is the car's diesel blood exchange, wash, replace the diesel filter.


Lesson learned.

1. The danger of impurities or water droplets mixed with fine diesel fuel.

2. Strengthen the management of fuel to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

3. Ensure the use of performance fuel pump, regular maintenance and replacement of the performance fuel pump.

4. When there is a fault, not only the mechanical parts of the overhaul, but also pay attention to whether the diesel and lubricants meet the use of standards.