China Racing Annual Race Table

Date: 2020-01-11        Clicks: 1276

In 2020, the Credit Parts & EF-Tunning team will participate in 12 professional events under the CAMF of the

 China Motorcycle and Motor Sports Federation, including the Asia-Pacific International Race.

Team cars with specialEthanol pumps such as Credit Parts 265LPH, 340LPH-E85, 525LPH-E85 and 

other special Ethanol pumps will accept the challenges of various terrains such as snow, sand, and plateau. 

While training our professional drivers' strength and psychological quality, it is also The best practical moment to

 test the performance of our engine's high-flow special pumps,

 the Credit Parts & EF-Tunning team strives for the championship of the year, it remains to be seen.

Attach the CAMF2020 full-time schedule!

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