Ethanol fuel E85

Date: 2020-02-07        Clicks: 812

     By mid-2015, approximately 49 million ethanol-fueled vehicles, motorcycles, and light trucks were sold in the United States, 

but many buyers are still unaware that the cars they own can use the E85. E85 contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.Ethanol is a biofuel

 produced in the United States from corn. Ethanol fuel is ethanol, which is the same as alcohol in alcoholic beverages.

    It has been part of the country's fuel supply for almost 40 years. Studies have shown that ethanol may help reduce fuel costs,improve air quality

 and increase octane number. Ethanol can be used in any vehicle and is covered by every car manufacturer's warranty in the United States. Some

 cars can use more ethanol than others.