Hot Sale Fuel injector tester -6 cylinder

Date: 2020-06-04        Clicks: 1160

6-cylinder automatic test
.Automatic oil return
.External ultrasound (100W)
.Observe the atomization of the fuel injection nozzle through the backlight. Fully automatic simulation of the whole process of the fuel .injection nozzle at normal injection, idle speed, medium speed, high speed and variable speed.
.Digital display, configuration of imported parts, pressure display of pressure gauge Identify whether each injection nozzle is in the same .switching cycle.
.Independent ultrasonic cleaning program,
.Unique liquid pump protection and environmental protection ultra-quiet operation mode,

.The fuel system can be cleaned without disassembly.

.Maximum number of detection cylinders at one time: 6 cylinders
.Power supply: AC 220V±15% 50Hz 400W
.Fuel tank capacity: 4 liters
.Test tube capacity: 120 ml
.Ultrasonic power: 100W
.Ultrasonic frequency: 25 kHz
.Rotation speed: 0~9999 revolutions/minute, step length 50 revolutions/minute
.Pulse width: 0~3ms Step length 0.1ms
.Recording range: 0~9999 times, step length 50 times
.Timekeeping range: 0~9999 seconds adjustable
.Oil pump pressure range: 0-6.5kg
.Packing size: 62*53*73CM
.Gross weight: 45Kg

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