How does a mechanic diagnose P0415?

Date: 2021-07-11        Clicks: 3781

Diagnostic procedures may include:
  1. Checking any DTCs set and capturing freeze frame data, including the order in which the codes occurred
  2. Erase all codes and test driving the vehicle to see if they return (if they don't, this could indicate an intermittent condition, which is more difficult to diagnose)
  3. Visually inspect all system wiring and connectors for damage or short circuits
  4. Inspecting secondary air injection system fittings and tubing for cracks, breaks or heat damage
  5. Testing the system fuses, replacing them and running the secondary air injection system to see if the fuses are tripping again (indicating pump failure)
  6. Inspecting the one way check valve to see if it is allowing condensate to enter the pump
  7. Diagnosing this fault will require a scanner and a digital volt/ohm meter. A qualified technician has all the tools necessary to fully investigate the problem and have it repaired quickly and efficiently.