How to test and clean fuel injector ----Fuel injector test and clean bench

Date: 2020-01-04        Clicks: 843

Injector, which is one of the key components of EFI engine,Its work will seriously affect the performance of the engine.

When the fuel injection nozzle is slightly blocked,this phenomenon generally occurs:

When starting in first gear, the car shakes a bit,When hanging in high gear to accelerate, this phenomenon disappeared again;

If the various sensors in the car are working properly,

The throttle body has also been cleaned, and the circuit is normal.It is likely that the fuel injection nozzle is slightly blocked.
However, when accelerating at high gears, it is possible that a slight amount of gum is sprayed away (dissolved)
The performance of the car has resumed.When the fuel injector is severely blocked, this phenomenon usually occurs:

Cause increased fuel consumption, decreased engine power,Unstable idling, poor acceleration and difficulty in starting.

Blocked fuel injectors can severely affect car performance.

If these symptoms occur,
Do not hesitate,

Go to the repair shop in time to use the fuel nozzle cleaning detector for inspection and cleaning.

Clean the fuel system in time to avoid anchoring, etc.

Affect vehicle performance.The owner drove the car to a repair shop for cleaning,

At this time, a professional nozzle cleaning detector is needed.

Which detector to choose?
I choose FIT-103T! Please click here for more information

In this issue, the picking expert!Recommend this product to everyone.Must be practical first

The products we purchase must be practical and mainly cost-effective. It is best to be able to clean, detect, and integrate multiple functions. 

One can be used for multiple purposes. The FIT-103t nozzle cleaning detector is Such a device.

The mechatronic nozzle cleaning detection using the combination of ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor 

Fuel pressure control cleaning detection technology can simulate the various working conditions of the engine, 

and clean and inspect the fuel injection nozzle of the car. 

It is versatile and practical. Strong, easy to transport.Function is important

Ultrasonic strong cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability;

Uniformity and atomization test, leak test, fuel injection test, automatic cleaning test;

Microcomputer pressure control technology is adopted, with stable oil pressure and wide adjustable range, 

which can be adapted to vehicles equipped with various gasoline injection systems, and real-time monitoring of main state parameters;

Using microcomputer automatic control and liquid crystal display technology, it can automatically control the cleaning and testing process, 

and monitor the main status parameters in real time;

The automatic oil draining control technology is adopted, which can realize automatic oil draining through the program during certain testing projects, 

or manually drain oil through the operation panel after the testing is completed.

The "ruthless product" has few words and many functions that are worthy of customers' trust. 

Seeing the nozzle "take a bath" is as beautiful as new.

The advantages of FIT-103T cannot be ignoredIntegrated design of host and ultrasonic cleaning.

LCD display operation menu and operating parameters

Simple appearance, integrated mold forming

Compact and lightweight, easy to transport and use

FIT-103T Injector cleaning and detection expert, the owner no longer has to worry about the injector being blocked, the car is strong,

 the fuel consumption is reduced, the vehicle is not shaking, the startup is smooth, 

the noise is reduced, and the driving mood is beautiful.

Repairing the fuel injection nozzle in the repair shop is convenient, the process is simple,

the speed is accelerated, and the work is smooth.