International Mountain Day

Date: 2020-12-11        Clicks: 1172

International Mountain Day is on December 11 every year.

China is a vast country with numerous mountains and rivers. Today we are going to take a look at some of them.


Yulong Snow Mountain, Yunnan province

The thirteen snow-capped peaks of Yulong Snow Mountain extend continuously, just like a "giant dragon" soaring and flying, so it is called "Yulong", which is a famous scenic spot in Lijiang.


Mount Huashan, Shanxi

Mount Hua is one of the five famous mountains in China and is called "the most dangerous mountain in the world".When you climb the peaks of all dangerous paths in Huashan mountain and leap to the top, you will surely feel lofty and majestic when you see the fog rising in the valley and the sea of clouds rolling over.


Changbai Mountain,Jilin

The word "changbai" means to keep, to the white head, representing people's yearning and praise for loyalty and perfect love.