Nitrogen oxygen sensor is a "sharp weapon" to detect exhaust emissions

Date: 2021-03-09        Clicks: 1406

Nitrogen-oxygen sensor is a kind of solid electrolyte ceramic and nitrogen-oxide sensitive electrode material. By using semiconductor technology, the nano-composite structure of the nitrogen-oxide electrode surface is detected by precision control. Through appropriate electrode microstructure, the sensitivity of the sensor to nitrogen and oxygen gas is improved. Nitrogen and oxygen sensors are one of the key sensors for the implementation of IV emission standards and V emission standards in diesel vehicles, "he told the media.

The nitrogen-oxygen sensor consists of a sensor probe and an electrical control unit, which are connected by a harness to measure the concentration of nitrogen oxides and oxygen in the exhaust. It can be used in the SCR system of diesel engines to realize the closed-loop control of nitrogen oxides, or the on-board diagnosis of gasoline and diesel engines (OBD).

The sensor probe is a ceramic chip made of oxygen-sensitive ceramic materials assembled in a metal shell. When applied in practice, the probe is installed in the exhaust pipe of the car and the ceramic chip feeds the concentration value of the exhaust into the electrical control unit in the form of voltage. The electrical control unit controls the heating temperature of the sensor probe, and after a series of signal adjustments, the nitrogen oxide concentration in the pump is determined. The electrical control unit communicates through the CAN bus and sends the measured gas values to the automobile general control center (ECU) in real-time to provide the basis for SCR injection to reduce NOx emissions.