Symptoms of a broken fuel pump

Date: 2020-12-05        Clicks: 992

1. Completely broken: The fuel pump is completely broken, so it can't pump oil at all. As a result, the fuel supply system crashes and the vehicle can't start.

2. Not completely bad: the fuel pump one-way valve damage, will lead to no residual pressure, fuel pressure does not reach the specified fuel pressure value, atomization effect is greatly reduced, difficult to start, the need for a long time multiple ignition.
Centrifugal pump impeller wear, will lead to lower oil supply pressure, there is no sound of fuel pump running, no oil, weak acceleration, driving will have abnormal noise, humming sound.
Mechanical faults such as stuck rotor: the working current of oil pump increases, causing relay or insurance damage.
3. Engine failure light is on and engine shake is abnormal.

Reasons for premature damage of fuel pump:
1. Use inferior gasoline.The gasoline in those small gas stations often contains a large number of impurities and foreign bodies, causing great damage to the engine and fuel pump.A long time, is bound to go wrong.
2. Gasoline filter replacement is not timely.It is necessary to replace it in time. If it is not changed for a long time, the gasoline filter will be under high load and the fuel pump will be damaged in advance.

3. Not filling up in time.Fuel pump is needed for gasoline cooling and lubrication, if the amount of oil in the oil tank is less, the heat dissipation effect is not good, it will increase the running power of the motor, so it will also lead to the damage of fuel pump.