Symptoms of fuel pump rupture

Date: 2021-05-16        Clicks: 407

Symptoms of fuel pump rupture

The faulty fuel pump can cause some signs and symptoms for your car. One that can be easily recognised is the smell of gasoline in the dwelling that indicates, in most cases, precisely a rupture of the pump itself.

Another symptom is the difficulty of the machine maintaining speed, or the fact of going to "tears" with progressive decelerations.

Finally, another sign of a malfunctioning fuel pump is the difficulty of starting the machine.

When to replace the broken fuel pump

In the most serious cases of malfunction, it will be necessary to go to replace the broken petrol pump. To find out if you really need to change the pump you can do a little test yourself, or maybe get help from someone.

Find the tube that carries the petrol to the carburetor, disconnect it and go insert the end that has remained open in a container.

At this point, move to the driving position and hit the accelerator. In case the gas runs out, then the pump will be fine. However, if the fuel does not run out, it will really be necessary to go and change the pump.

Even if the substitution operation is not complex, if you are not practical the advice is always to contact a technician.