The Function of VVT solenoid valve

Date: 2021-06-27        Clicks: 3735

The performance and fuel efficiency established by today's modern cars is possible thanks in large part to the variable valve timing system. When a car, truck or SUV is driving under normal driving conditions, the VVT is not active. However, if the vehicle is driving with extra weight in the trunk, pulling a trailer or at higher speeds, this system is activated. The specific device used to transmit information from the VVT to the vehicle's computer is the variable valve timing switch.

Once activated by the variable valve switch, the engine in the car, truck or SUV will receive input from the ECU to advance or retard ignition timing. This tells the cylinder valves to open or close sooner or later than normal, and also tells the ignition system to fire at a predetermined time to increase engine efficiency. The VVT solenoid operates the system while the VVT switch provides valuable feedback to the car's computer to adjust timing on the fly.