Why Are Cars Slow To Start In Cold Weather?

Date: 2020-11-21        Clicks: 911

There are several reasons why cars (gasoline cars only) don't start well in cold weather.

1. Due to low temperatures, the volatility of gasoline is not too good, gasoline injection through the performance fuel pump to the cylinder atomization is not good, liquid or liquid droplet state of gasoline is difficult to ignite, liquid gasoline will flood the spark plug (concentration is too high); to form a fog to better mix with the air, normal combustion.

2. When the temperature is low, the viscosity of the lubricant is large, so like the 044 fuel pump, regulator and other moving accessories produce greater frictional resistance, the engine needs to overcome greater resistance to start, so it is more difficult to start.

3. In low temperature areas, especially in alpine regions, the battery voltage will drop a lot, it is possible that the ECU power supply voltage is not enough; racing fuel pump voltage drop for insufficient oil and so on.

4. In the engine in the cold state, the cylinder, cooling water, air intake temperature, etc. are in a low-temperature state, when the engine starts, the heat transfer loss is large, the cylinder can not quickly warm up, to ensure the normal combustion.

Of course, an auto mechanic will calibrate the whole car before it is released to the market, and among them is the high temperature calibration, so that the car can still be used in extreme weather conditions.