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Lambda O2 Sensor Car Oxygen Sensor 89465-52380

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Parts Number: 89465-52380

Fits For:  Toyota Yaris

05/2008-07/2013 Toyota Yaris  NCP90,ZSP91
08/2005-06/2011 Toyota Yaris  NCP9*
08/2011- Toyota Yaris  NCP13*
01/2006-08/2014 Toyota Yaris  NCP91
10/2013- Toyota Yaris  NCP15*,NSP15*
02/2008-06/2013 Toyota Vios  NCP92, ZSP92
01/2006-06/2016 Toyota Yaris  NCP9*
02/2007-02/2014 Toyota Vios  NCP9*
04/2013- Toyota Vios, Yaris  NCP15*, NSP15*
08/2000-07/2008 Toyota Altis,Corolla  CE120,NZE12*, ZZE12*
04/2007-02/2014 Toyota Corolla  CE140,NZE141, ZRE14*, ZZE14*
12/2007-06/2014 Toyota Altis, Corolla  CE140, NDE140,NZE140, ZRE14*, ZZE14*

10/2013- Toyota Altis, Corolla  NDE170, NZE170, ZRE17*, ZZE172

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