The injector cleaning process of Fuel Injector cleaning machine

Date: 2020-06-16        Clicks: 1221

First Step: Pour the cleaning fluid, connector each fuel injector with pulse line and make sure to stand each on end and same as below picture showed

turn on the power switch of the ultrasonic cleaner, and execute the program 1 of the main unit of the cleaning machine at the same time, 

press the start key to provide the pulse signal to execute the ultrasonic program, The cleaning time of this program is about 15-20 minutes. 

Mainly clean the inside of the thimble of fuel injector.

Second Step: Reverse flushing, Insert each fuel injector upside-down into the reverse flushing seat(A)(see picture below)

and replace the fuel rail connector with a 13.6 connector(B). If there are only four fuel injectors

you can block the outlet holes on both sides of the fuel rail with choke plug(D) , 

Retain the four fuel outlets in the middle, each fuel injector is fixed on the host as picture showed, 

connector with pulse line, and execute procedure 2 (normal spray cleaning). Repeat 3-5 times, 

mainly flush the impurities on the top filter of fuel injector. 

Third Step: Positive cleaning test: it can be divided into manual and fully automatic operation, 

including side leakage test, normal spray test, idle speed test, medium speed test, high speed test, acceleration test, 

variable speed test, and spray nozzle atomization observation, fuel-injection quantity Observe the uniformity of the system and identify whether the switching cycle of each fuel injector is consistent. 

For four-cylinder fuel injectors , use random choke plug block the oil outlet holes at both ends during the test. 

This process generally uses a fully automatic mode to automatically adjust the pulse width. Automatically adjust oil pressure. Automatic oil return.