To Give You A Better Understanding Of The Auto Sensor

Date: 2020-11-21        Clicks: 970

The vehicle sensor is the input device of the automobile computer system, which converts the information of various operating conditions in the automobile, such as the speed, the temperature of various media, the engine operating conditions, etc., into electrical signals to the computer, so that the engine is in the best working state.

There are many sensors used in vehicles. When judging the fault of sensors, we should not only consider the sensor itself, but also consider the whole circuit in fault.Therefore, in addition to the sensor, the wiring harness, connectors, and the relevant circuit between the sensor and the ECU should also be checked for fault finding.

One of the characteristics of the development of automobile technology is that more and more parts are controlled electronically.According to the role of sensors, they can be classified as sensors that measure temperature, pressure, flow, position, gas concentration, speed, brightness, dry humidity, distance and other functions. 

They all perform their respective functions. Once a sensor fails, the corresponding device will not work normally or even not work.Therefore, the role of sensors in the car is very important.