A Brief Analysis Of Fuel Pump In Automobiles

Date: 2020-11-21        Clicks: 1005

An electric fuel pump is a type of fuel pump driven by a small DC electric motor that is used to pump fuel from the tank and provide pressure in the delivery to the injector lines. As one of the key parts of the fuel injection system, its quality determines whether the whole fuel injection system can complete the task efficiently.

1. Classification of fuel pump

According to the fuel pump installation location can be divided into: built-in and external type. However, most cars nowadays have built-in fuel pumps.

According to the different structure of the pump body can be divided into: turbine type, roller type, gear type vane type. General turbine type and roller type structure more common application.


2. The future development direction of the fuel pump

Electronically controlled fuel injection technology is a major advanced technology in the automotive industry, it will mix the fuel and air more evenly, making the combustion safer, greatly improving the power of the engine, saving fuel, and reducing the pollution of the vehicle exhaust. The current electric injection system used in the oil pump, all use a brush motor to drive a turbo pump. Due to the frequent friction between the brush motor and the commutator to produce heat when rotating, and the higher the rotating speed, the higher the surface temperature, resulting in increased wear and tear of the motor and increased spark level, so that the service life of the motor and the pump body is relatively shortened, and extremely unsafe. Therefore, the brushless fuel pump has become an inevitable trend for the development of electric fuel pump to improve the product performance. The advantages of brushless fuel pump are: brushless motor is directly controlled by electronic circuit for commutation, there is no friction between brush and commutator, so there is no spark, so the fuel combustion is more complete, the exhaust waste emissions are less, and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced. Therefore, the adoption of brushless fuel pump has high efficiency, low current, long service life and large flow rate, which makes it safer in use and increases the engine power and torque, and thus the engine performance is greatly improved.


3. Conclusion

The electric fuel pump industry in China has been developing rapidly for more than ten years, and has formed a certain scale, although its technology research and development level and product manufacturing level still have some gap with the world's top enterprises, but the development prospect is still very optimistic. Domestic enterprises should take advantage of the good situation of national economic development to seize the opportunity and make due contribution to China's auto independent research and development field.



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