Working principle of fuel pump

Date: 2020-05-31        Clicks: 1145

The motor part of the electric fuel pump includes a permanent magnet fixed on the housing and an armature that generates electromagnetic torque and a brush device installed on the housing. 

The brush is in contact with the commutator on the 5261 on the armature, and its lead is connected to the post on the housing, which leads the voltage that controls the electric fuel pump to the armature winding. 

The two ends of the casing of the electric fuel pump are crimped and riveted so that each component is assembled into a non-removable assembly

The additional function of the fuel pump is made up of safety valve and check valve 4102. The safety valve can prevent the pressure from rising excessively when the fuel line is blocked, causing the fuel pipe to rupture or the fuel pump to be damaged. 

The purpose of the check valve is to seal the oil path when the fuel pump stops working to keep the fuel system 1653 at a certain residual pressure, so that the engine can be easily started next time.