Some Advisable Suggestions About The New Coronovirus For The World People From A Perspective Of A Chinese

Date: 2020-03-20        Clicks: 934

1.Panic has no effect on fighting the virus, it will only cause a greater depressive atmosphere among people.

2.Eeveryday life more vegetables And Foods, to keep a healthy diet and inform the strong immune system,but most importantly is to have a great mentality status, this is the premise important thing don't go out to avoid connect the potential souce of infection, stay at home to learn more, this way also not cause bad influence towards local goverment's regulation

4.once confirmed the people have infected, isolated them and adopt professional medical treatment

5.eahc country's system of organization are different, the actual situation also, so must adopt scienticfic methonds to win this battle, not all the time copy and no creativity.

6.Hope All Family Would Be Safe And Healthy, The World People Win This Battle Soon.